Garden Year Round With a Hydroponics Garden

A hydroponics garden is the way to go if you’re looking to grow your own organic veggies year round no matter where you live. If you’re like me and have chosen to live in a place that gets ridiculously cold for four months out of the year your gardening options are somewhat restricted.

One day I got tired of paying through the nose for organic produce and being forced to deal with bad selections and sub par quality and looked into growing year round Hydroponic Shop Near Me   with hydroponics and I have never gone back!

Hydroponics is a way of growing where you don’t use soil; you use water instead. In a traditional garden soil holds water and nutrients for the plant roots. This is a somewhat inefficient method of delivery and that’s why some plants die while others thrive. By growing hydroponically you can precisely control the amount of nutrients delivered to each plant, the light it’s given, the CO2 it takes in and just about everything else.

You don’t have to worry about harmful pests, bad weather or any other common plant killers. You completely control all of the inputs to your plants and with a little knowledge and planning you can knock out crops yearlong. Since you control the light source you can provide longer growing hours than the sun can do. That’s right; you can do better than the sun!

Organic food is so popular these days for good reasons. The chemicals sprayed on normal fruit and vegetables are pure poison. Cans that are used to store vegetables and fruits are lined with harmful chemicals as well. Once you factor in the lost nutrients from freezing or the addition of preservatives you’re left with cheap but deadly foods.

The only problem with organic food is the cost. Specialty shops feel they can charge you whatever they want for organic food and so most of the people that end up shopping there full time are the more wealthy of us. Supermarkets have caught on but they charge even heftier prices sometimes. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to live in a town that has stores that offer organic food.

When you grow your own food organically you end up with some of the best, organic produce you can get your hands on at a fraction of the price. Once you have set your hydro system up the more you grow the cheaper all of your food becomes.


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